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"The Accidental

Diet –

From Fugly to Fox"



Alicia Hunter is the author of  The Accidental Diet – From Fugly to Fox (2012, Clearview Press), published weight loss expert and celebrity lash extension artist serving West Palm Beach, Florida and New York City.​

She is accepting new clients in 2022, please contact her to inquire.

Alicia has acted as preferred eyelash extension artist to many notable celebrities and models worldwide.  She now operates her home practice in South Florida.


A native of Princeton, New Jersey, Alicia worked as a paralegal for 12 years with a background in nutrition and weight loss.


Alicia kept her passion for health and beauty on the back burner until the passing of her one month old son, Hunter, led her to shift careers into the beauty and wellness field. 

Although not shy about her heartbreaking story,  Alicia does not seek pity, but instead hopes that her story will serve as inspiration to others who have had their lives come to a standstill because of grief and loss. 


Alicia has transformed devastating personal loss into a thriving career as a celebrity beauty and lifestyle expert, channeling her energy into helping people make healthy life changes and embracing beauty techniques that that let them be the best person possible, inside and out.

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