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Alicia is available for weekly video chats or one-on-one telephone or face to face sessions to get you to your  weight loss goal.  She is also available for public speaking and press appearancs concerning weight, body image, self-esteem, nutritious eating, healthy food relationships, and anti-bullying. 

Alicia appears regularly in national publications and on national television, radio and web tv discussing weight loss and celebrity diets. 

Email for more information on her rates and availability.



"Like so many young Americans, I struggled with my weight since about the age of 10 – especially after a few of my classmates pointed out my flaws during what most people refer to as the Chubby Stage, an unfortunate common practice in our society today. "

"Soon after becoming aware that I was overweight, food and jumping on the scale became and ongoing problem for me, which continued until my late 30’s!

I had tried every “diet” out there – all the ones you’ve heard of, and some far-flung ones, including some interesting ones I invented myself (All-Bran and Tab for a week!)  I always started them feeling hopeful but after a few days of restrictive dieting I felt like they wouldn’t work...why would they? They hadn’t in the past! This cycle of “on a diet, off a diet,” and never getting to my goal, was a constant theme throughout my life!

It was only after the passing of my son, Hunter, in 2003 that I took a good look at myself and recognized that I’d been unhappy most of my life due to my weight and insecurities about my looks in general.  The grief I was going through after losing Hunter awakened a “fighter” in me – I knew that I would never be able to undo losing him, but that I could undo other things in my life that had brought me down for years.

In 2005, after the birth of my daughter, I made up my mind to dig myself out of the sad place I had been in and realized the only thing that would work for me would be old-fashioned calorie counting. 

I began writing everything down that went into my mouth, and I searched for lower-calorie substitutes or simply smaller portions of the things I couldn’t live without, pizza – chocolate – wine, you name it!

In about 15 months, I lost 56 pounds and 54 inches!  I wish I could tell you that it was hard, – but I still can’'t believe how simple it really was!  I never felt deprived, and I taught myself how to undo years of emotional eating – using food as a crutch, as a way to deal with problems.  Losing my weight has liberated me from a lifetime of feeling badly about myself, and has changed me from a hopeless person – always wishing I could lose the weight but never being able to achieve it – into a positive person, happy to be here!"


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